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High-quality customer care is the number-one priority of every security services professional at MPS all of which are educated and well versed in the security needs and solutions of our customers. All employees are background checked and must pass a drug screen. What this means is that MPS has taken the necessary and thorough steps to help assure that you have a trustworthy, highly trained professional engineer working to help keep your premises safe and secure.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a personal and friendly service. We are confident that you will find all of our staff pleasant, affable and well presented, from our initial contact team through to our installation engineers.

As well as the belief we hold with our staff we also believe in the quality of all the equipment we use and are proud to offer only the highest standard of products to all of our customers.

Our industry legislation and standards ensure we provide the quality expected of a successful established business. We are SSAIB accredited for our service. MPS satisfy the requirement of the SSAIB with respect to The Design, Installation and Maintenance of Electronic Security Systems.